FUSEE Goes to Washington!

Seattle, Washington: The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee held a special field hearing on August 27, 2015 on the theme of “Opportunities to Improve Federal Wildland Fire Management.”  FUSEE was invited to deliver testimony before Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) and John Barrasso (R-WY).           Dr. Michael Medler delivered FUSEE’s testimony alongside several other esteemed colleagues from the wildland fire community.

At a time when record numbers of firefighters are out on the line in the Pacific Northwest, over a dozen firefighter fatalities have occurred nationwide, and the Forest Service is about to exhaust its appropriated budget for suppression, the hearing was very timely and generated national and international media attention.

The hearing was part of the preparation that Senator Cantwell is doing to propose her “Wildfire Management Act of 2015” which promises to be one of the most sweeping and progressive legislative efforts in fire management policy in decades. As the name implies and the hearing revealed, policymakers in Congress are now open to FUSEE’s position advocating a shift in focus from wildfire prevention and emergency suppression to community fire preparation and ecological fire management

Our message to Congress is simple: Agencies need to stop blindly attacking and aggressively fighting all backcountry wildfires and start wisely managing every fire with firefighter safety, ethical use of taxpayer resources, and ecological restoration goals first and foremost in mind.

See our official testimony to the SENR Committee here.

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