With your support Firefighters United for Safety, Ethics, and Ecology (FUSEE) has grown from a tiny ember in 2005 to a running crownfire today, heating up the national newsmedia, smoking out regressive policies, and lighting the path for the emerging paradigm of ecological fire management. You can help fan the flames and spread the impact of FUSEE’s education and advocacy work through a generous donation.

FUSEE continues to have an outstanding influence on the newsmedia. FUSEE members supplied the “pull quotes” for hard-hitting investigative stories that revealed the rising costs, risks, and damages of regressive fire management policies and practices. We provided the critical voice of progressive fire management workers who could not publicly speak out themselves without facing job reprisals.

In 2013 FUSEE members appeared in 72 newspaper articles including critical stories published in the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and dozens of other papers across the country affiliated with the Associated Press. We’ve also appeared on national broadcast media such as CBS, NBC, ABC, and NPR, as well as independent radio and television documentaries.

FUSEE also continues to have a major influence on fire policy, too. Our greatest accomplishment in 2013 was getting the Forest Service to end the regressive ‘attack all fires’ policy of last year’s “Hubbard decree.” FUSEE helped rally dissent that compelled the Forest Service Chief to reject it for this wildfire season, and allow fire use strategies to be applied again.

FUSEE made great strides forward in 2013, but there is still much work to do. There is still too much anti-fire propaganda in the press, and powerful special interests are still trying to get federal agencies to impose a total suppression policy. Your support is vital to sustain our work reeducating journalists, and holding policymakers’ feet to the fire.

FUSEE has an ambitious agenda for 2014, the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act. We intend to highlight the vital role of wildland fire and ecological fire management in maintaining wilderness values. Our slogan, “Fire Keeps the Wild in Wilderness,” will be our theme for educational exhibits and policy papers presented at national fire and wilderness conferences across the West. FUSEE will be a torchbearer for wilderness fire and safe, ethical, ecological fire management in America’s public wildlands.

FUSEE members quoted in the press

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