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FUSEE Press Releases

An archive of our press releases and press statements delivered at various news conferences demonstrates the broad diversity of fire-related issues we work on, the variety of collaborations we facilitate, and our attempts to change the language and shift the debate over wildfire and fire management policy.

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Firefighter’s Group Releases New Guide to Wildfire Information Sources: FireWatch Guide Enables Citizens to Track Wildfire Events Online Without Waiting for Official Agency News Releases or Media Broadcasts (Aug. 2018)

Firefighters’ Group Releases “A Taxpayer’s Guide to Wildfire Suppression Costs” Explaining Factors Behind Billion-Dollar Firefighting Seasons: Managerial Choices, Not Just Environmental Conditions, Account for Rising Costs (Aug. 10, 2010)

Statement by Timothy Ingalsbee, Ph.D., Executive Director, FUSEE – News Conference on “Fire Management and Carbon Policy” at the Fourth International Fire Ecology and Management Congress, Savannah, Georgia, December 1, 2009

Wildfire Experts Advocate More Fire Use to Protect Carbon Stocks and Prepare Forests for Climate Change

Federal Wildland Firefighting Policies to Change Next Year: Firefighters Release New Citizen’s Guide to Monitor Wildfires (Aug. 2008)

Firefighter’s Group Calls for Scientific Analysis and Citizen Involvement in Forest Service Fire Management Planning (Dec. 2007)

FUSEE releases new, updated “A Reporter’s Guide to Wildland Fire” (Sept. 25, 2007)

FUSEE Press Statement on the release of “Dangerous Development: Wildfire and Rural Sprawl in the Sierra Nevada” (Sept. 18, 2007)

FUSEE Letter-to-the-Editor of the New York Times (July 3, 2007)

FUSEE Releases “A Homeowner’s Guide to Fire-Resistant Home Construction” (Aug. 2006)

FUSEE holds national teleconference with members of Congress opposing the FERRA Bill (H.R. 4200) (May 2006)

FUSEE Condemns Forest Service Withdrawal of the Six Rivers Fire Management Plan (FMP) (June 2006)

FUSEE Condemns USFS Action to Withdraw Six Rivers FMP (June 2006)

National Firefighters’ Group Releases a Reporter’s Guide to Wildland Fire (Jan. 2005)