Fire News - February 2010

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February 15
Editorial: Fire, flood, quake: Who pays, and how?
Schwarzenegger's plan for a surcharge on insurance premiums doesn't go far enough.
Los Angeles Times

Saturated and hazardous slopes serve as a wet-season reminder of the fires of hotter months, and of the growing cost of protecting homes built too close to chaparral and forest areas periodically swept by wildfire. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has tried in the past to find a reasonable way to help fund fire protection in these areas, but his proposal this year again falls short.

February 12
Forests to Burn
Travel Stories: Joshua Berman spent a glorious summer exploring some of America's most beautiful wilderness areas -- with a drip torch in hand

That summer, my job was to burn, to lay flame across the earth and watch some of America’s most remote and spectacular wildernesses go up in columns of black. It was beautiful.

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