FUSEE's Wildland Fire Litigation Services   

FUSEE has a team of experts available to assist citizens and their attorneys in fire-related civil lawsuits involving government agencies. Our fire litigation team is available for hire at market rates to serve both plaintiffs and defendants. We serve clients whose cases align with our policy goals of gaining more transparency and accountability in government agencies, and whose case outcomes may help alter unsafe, unethical, or ecologically unsustainable fire management policies and practices. 

Our wildland fire litigation team has advanced technical expertise in fire management policies and practices, and in producing high-quality reports for use in court. We can provide the following services for attorneys seeking expert witnesses:

  • analyze suppression-related documents, and operate computer simulation models of fire spread or fire behavior to reconstruct government actions during prescribed fire or wildfire suppression operations
  • perform field research to assess site-specific fire effects
  • provide technical fire management arguments for attorneys to integrate into legal briefs
  • research entire case records to identify additional fire-related issues which may contribute to a positive case outcome
  • produce written reports and affidavits that are concise, clearly written, thoroughly documented, technically precise, and legally sound
  • perform compelling expert witness testimony in the courtroom or in depositions

Our wildland fire litigation team has acquired decades of experience at all levels of wildland fire management, and can serve as an excellent counterforce to the structural fire experts, agency employees, and contractors commonly used by opposing legal teams. 

If you are interested in working with our wildland fire litigation team, contact us at:  fire@efn.org. Confidentiality is ensured, and your first consultation is free.

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