It takes just one little ember to spark a Spotfire! Like fireline scouts, FUSEE’s crew of bloggers size up emerging incidents and issues, report back vital information, and mark the route for others to follow.  Here you will find news and views you can use to promote safe, ethical, ecological fire management. We hope interested readers and investigative reporters will follow up on our blog posts to get the whole story of wildland fire.

Run to the Water

Black Heat Blazing Death One Way Out Can't Quit Life or Death Don't Stop Running Safety is Around the Next Bend - Brian Tagavak, Navajo Scout Crewmember, On escaping the Dude Fire (1990)   Christmas turkey in Australia this year was served smoked, if not charred.  In...

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Spotlight: New FUSEE Board Members

Firefighters United for Safety, Ethics, and Ecology would like to welcome its two newest Board Members, Bill Tripp and Taro Pusina. Bill Tripp is a Karuk tribal member and Deputy Director of Eco-Cultural Revitalization for the Karuk Tribe Department of Natural...

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World on Fire

It's no wonder that we live in a society rife with depression, adolescent suicide, mass shootings, and opioid addiction. One might think that all this despair was driven solely by economic distress and hopelessness - the inability to even get one rung up on the ladder...

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Overton’s Window Opens

The FUSEE street team, Madeline Cowen and myself, have been hard at work here in the north of Scotland, at the venerable Findhorn Foundation intentional spiritual community.  We are here for the Climate Change and Consciousness conference, and we are a bit more than...

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