Burn My Shorts, a series of short stories and parables about fire, now has its own page!  You can also just click on the arrow by the Blog menu item to find it.  One of FUSEE’s staff writers, Letter Burn, otherwise known as Parts Permillion, author and maintainer of the Charrtoons website, will be teaming up with Catalonian Fire Artist, Josep “Pep” Serra Tarragon, about every other week to deliver the latest “fire-adapted” tale.

Also, don’t forget to check out the first installment Letter Burn’s new feature, The Fire-Permeable WUI on our regular blog page. Oh, and just for the record, FUSEE thought of “fire-adapted communities” phrase first, but we left the easy pickins’ to the Cohesive Strategy. Like a softball question tossed in the White House Briefing Room, it was a metaphor looking for a home.  Wikipedia says the phrase was first coined in the 2005 Quadrennial Fire and Fuel Review (QFR), but we know better.  Fearing it would elicit visions of fires racing through town, we chose to go with the slower, more moist membrane action, blessed permeability – an intentional, orderly passing through  Think about it…. Oh well, I’m not complaining. Adaptation is in the air, but we all can’t live in a fortress behind barbed wire and private wildland fire protection firms, so let’s learn to let the fire pass harmlessly through and around..