FUSEE in the News

FUSEE is a trusted news source by reporters from national, regional, and local broadcast and print newsmedia seeking critical perspectives on wildfire events and fire management issues. Time and again, FUSEE members have supplied the “pull quotes” for hard-hitting investigative stories that reveal the increasing risks to firefighters, costs to taxpayers, and damages to public lands resulting from conventional fire suppression policies and practices. For example, the Pulitzer prize-winning series of articles in the Los Angeles Times in 2008 that raised important questions about the use and effectiveness of airtankers and fire retardant chemicals.

Below is a sample of some of the news stories that quoted FUSEE members, revealing the diversity of topics and alternative views we promote. (Note: some links may have been expired by the news source.)


Fire is medicine: The tribes burning California forests to save them
The Guardian (Nov. 21)

Fire management in southwestern Oregon
Medford Mail Tribune (Op-Ed) (Nov. 10)

Paradise rebuilds but danger may still lurk year after fire
Washington Post and Associated Press (Nov. 6)

Fact-Checking Trump’s Tweets on the California Fires
Outside Magazine (Nov. 5)

California can expect more blackouts as utilities companies move to stop fires — and lawsuits.
Are preemptive power outages the new normal?
The Verge (Oct. 10)

2,000 sequoia trees by 2021: Leaving a legacy for the future
KMTR-TV, Eugene (Oct. 3)

Oregon wildfire council recommends $4 billion in multi-decade plan to safeguard state
Salem Statesman Journal (Sept. 27)

Firefighter Group Critiques Oregon Governor’s Draft Wildfire Management Plan
Jefferson Public Radio (Sept. 17)

California must embrace fighting fire with fire
San Francisco Chronicle (Editorial) (Sept. 13)

A highly critical new report found that Cal Fire could have prevented injuries and damage from
the Mendocino Complex Fire
The New York Times, California Today section (Sept. 13)

Cal Fire’s battle plan against record Mendocino Complex fire assailed in new report
San Jose Press Democrat (September 12th)

Report: Cal Fire mishandled state’s largest wildfire. Group says agency ‘ignored science-based
risk assessments’ in Mendocino Complex Fire
NBC KCRA-TV, Sacramento (September 12th)

‘Dragon’ drones: the flame throwers fighting wildfires with fire
The Guardian (September 4th)

Everything you need to know about the fires in the Amazon
The Verge (August 28th)

Kamala Harris and her connection to inmate firefighters
Energy and Environment News (August 20th)

Forest Service lets blaze burn in Ariz. A new era?
Energy and Environment News (August 14th)

Goals of fighting fire with fire faces hurdles in US West
Associated Press (August 12th)

US Northwest towns ‘woefully unprepared’ as fire risk grows
Associated Press (August 4th)

City Club of Eugene: Climate Change And Wildfire Risks In Lane County
KLCC News (June 24)

Is It Time to Stop Building in Areas at High Risk for Fire?
KQED News (June 14)

“More Wildfires Bring Focus On How All That Smoke May Harm Firefighters”
National Public Radio (June 12)

“Fighting fire with fire: Should California burn its forests to protect against catastrophe?”
The Sacremento Bee (May 29)

“Not Enough Is Known About Smoke’s Effect on Wildland Firefighters’ Health”
Oregon Public Broadcasting (May 29)

“Timber Sale Fire Danger”
Eugene Weekly (May 2)

“Activist Alert”
Eugene Weekly (April 18)

“Air tanker drops are often useless for fighting wildfires, but politicians order them because they make good TV”
BoingBoing (April 15)

“Firefighting aircraft may be ‘increasingly ineffective’”
The Bulletin, Bend OR (April 9)

“Firefighting aircraft ‘increasingly ineffective’ amid worsening wildfires”
Los Angeles Times (April 7)

“FUSEE is not thinly veiled at all”
The World Coos Bay (April 6)

“FUSEE is a thinly veiled environmental group”
The World Coos Bay (April 3)

“Feds lay out conditions for Jordan Cove project go ahead”
The Registered Guard (April 2)

Firefighter group talks LNG at state legislature
The World Coos Bay (March 29)

“Firefighter Group Says LNG Pipeline Proposal Would Raise Wildfire Risk”
Jefferson Public Radio (March 28)

“It’s OK to bend the rules to make Californians safer from wildfire”
The Los Angeles Times Editorial (March 26)

“Gov. Gavin Newsom to declare emergency in California amid wildfire threats”
San Francisco Chronicle (March 22)

“Newsom declares wildfire emergency, waives environmental rules to expedite projects”
Los Angeles Times (March 22)

Report: Bulldozer Lines Failed To Contain Carr Fire
Jefferson Public Radio (March 18)

Report questions fighting wildfires with bulldozers
Energy and Environment News (March 18)

“Report Claims Redding’s Carr Fire Dozer Lines Were Ineffective”
KQED San Francisco (March 17)

“Environmentalist Firefighter Group Questions Use of Dozers to Battle Deadly Carr Fire in NorCal”
Associated Press (March 14)

“Bulldozers In The Wilderness: Are They Worth The Environmental Cost?”
Jefferson Public Radio (March 13)

“Time to Panic”
The New York Times (February 16)

“Report criticizes fire agencies’ cooperation during Mendocino Complex blaze”
Los Angeles Times (February 8)

‘Sour taste’ lingers for furloughed firefighters
Energy and Environment News (January 30)


“Independent report attacks Forest Service firefighting costs”
Idyllwild Town Crier (December 27)

“A report about the Soberanes Fire suppression effort takes aim at U.S. Forest Service strategy”
Monterey County Weekly (December 20)

“Report calls Forest Service response to 2016 Big Sur fire a ‘firefighting boondoggle'”
KQED News (December 16)

“Report rips expensive decisions in California wildfire fight”
Associated Press (Washington Post, Seattle Times, etc.) (December 15)

“FORESTS: Are feds over-fighting fires? Critics point to this blaze”
Energy & Environment News-Climatewire (December 13)

“Wildland Firefighters Challenge Firefighting Tactics”
Jefferson Exchange, hour-long news talk show on Jefferson Public Radio (December 10)

“The Misunderstood Heroes Dancing With Flames to Save Lives”
MEL Magazine (November 22)

“How fire consumed the Forest Service budget”
Oregon Public Broadcasting’s EarthFix (October 24)

“Burning impact: What happens after the fire”
Medford Mail Tribune (October 14)

“Firefighting group expresses concern over inmate rape arrest”
Associated Press (September 5)

“Excessive use of fire retardant continues to prompt environmental concerns in California”
AccuWeather (August 24)

“Demand Is Rising For ‘Fire Bombers,’ But It’s Unclear If They Really Work”
Mountain West News Bureau (August 22)

“Too few ‘fire bombers’ as Western states burn this summer”
The Washington Post (August 19)

“When It Comes To Wildfire, Politics Lag Behind Science”
Oregon Public Broadcasting’s EarthFix (August 6)

“As wildfires rage, Trump administration plans to slash fire science funding”
Public Radio International’s Reveal (August 1)

“The inconvenient truth about forest fires”
Medford Mail Tribune   (July 29)

“Massive tree die-off brings unprecedented danger as wildfire burns near Yosemite”
Los Angeles Times (July 17)

“Can ‘moneyball’ fix how the west manages wildfire?”
Oregon Public Broadcasting’s EarthFix (July 16)

“Fire and Naturally Emerging Young Forests”
Locus Focus, hour-long news talk show on KBOO–Portland, OR (July 2)

“Hot debate: How to avoid an Oregon fire season like 2017”
Eugene Register-Guard (June 16)

“Aquatic weed thriving on surface of Santa Rosa’s Spring Lake may have link to fires”
Press Democrat (Santa Rosa, CA) (April 25)

“Finally, Congress Makes Progress on Fighting Wildfires: Measures in the federal government’s new spending bill should help the Forest Service manage fires, but there’s still more to be done.
Outside Magazine (March 23)

“Bill will modernize department’s fire-fighting equipment”
Homeland Preparedness News (January 15)


“Fire Retardant Use Explodes as Worries About Water, Wildlife Grow”
Water Deeply/KQED (November 27)

“A 1960s Law Blocks Firefighting Contractors From Suing State”
KQED (November 8)

“Government Scientist Blocked from Talking About Climate and Wildfires: Critics are accusing the Trump administration of stifling the dissemination of taxpayer-funded science”
Scientific American and Energy and Environment News (October 31)

“Smokey Bear Propaganda”
Salem Weekly (October 13)

“What can be learned from California wildfires?”
Al Jazeera English (TV broadcast) (October 11)

“What the Trump administration doesn’t understand about wildfires”
Los Angeles Times (Op-Ed) (October 1)

“Stop With the ‘Catastrophic Wildfire’ Scare Tactics: It’s an alarmist, politically driven catchphrase. And, from a scientific perspective, it has little credibility”
Pacific Standard (August 15)

“Let Forest Fires Burn? What the Black-Backed Woodpecker Knows: A scientific debate is intensifying over whether too much money and too many lives are lost fighting forest fires”
New York Times (August 6)

“Rx Fire: Prescribed Fire can Save Oregon Forests”
Eugene Weekly (June 22)

“What’s Next for the March for Science”
Los Angeles Times (May 4)

“March for Science Rally”
CNN/C-SPAN broadcast (April 22)

“Come Together to Survive the Storm: How Communities Can Survive Disasters Caused by Climate Change”
Eugene Weekly (April 20)

“Casualties in Big Sur Blaze Point to Hazards of ‘Wildfire Gig Economy’”
KQED News (April 17)


“Study: Climate Change Leading to More Forest Fires”
USA Today (October 11)

“Boeing Suggests New Weapon in Fighting Wildfires”
Seattle Times (August 25)

“Lawsuit Over Fireline Seeks to Curb Forest Firefighting Tactics”
Seattle Times (August 22)

“Let Wildfires Burn: Study Shows Forests Bounce Back on Their Own”
Yes! Magazine (August 19)

“Is Retardant Harmful to Wildlife? Some Say Yes”
Press Enterprise (July 29)

“Can This $10 Million Firefighting Machine Actually Stop Fires? A 747 Jet Gets Converted into a Fire-Retardant-Dumping Airtanker, Just in Time for Wildfire.”
Outside Magazine (May 11)


“Five Unexpected Ways That Wildfires Affect Wildlife, Ecosystems of Forests”
AccuWeather.com (October 30)

“Snack Time for Predators! Six Weird Ways Wildfires Affect the Forest”
Live Science (September 29)

“Federal Land Management to Blame for Out-of-Control Fires, Say Critics”
FOX News.com (September 17)

“Scientist: We Need to Learn to Live with Wildfires”
Ashland Daily Tidings (July 7)

“New Approaches To Managing Big, Expensive Wildfires”
Think Out Loud radio broadcast, Oregon Public Broadcasting (May 27)

“After the Wars, Common Ground in Oregon’s Forests”
InvestigateWest (April 27)

“Studies Question Wisdom of Thinning Forests to Stop Fires”
The New Mexican (April 11)


“Why Heavy Rains Probably Won’t Do Much Good in Drought-Stricken California”
The Christian Science Monitor (August 7)

“California Wildfire Being Tamed, But Is State Near Breaking Point For Fires?
The Christian Science Monitor (June 17)

“Wildfires Fan Growth of Private Firefighting Crews”
The Coloradoan (May 31)

“Global Wildfire Scientists Discuss Management Strategies”
ABC/FOX Montana.com (May 20)

“Bend Symposium to Study Wildfire Science, Impacts; Expert: Steering, Not Stopping Fire Safer, Cheaper, Better”
KTVZ.COM (April 1)

“Experts Debate Challenges of Adapting to Wildfires”
Santa Fe New Mexican (February 26)


“Creative Accounting: How “Fire Borrowing” Impacts All Public Land Use”
Missoula Independent (December 5)

“Fighting Fires is Big Business for Private Companies: As the Private Firefighting Industry has Grown, So Too has its Political Clout”
Earth Island Journal (October 29)

“Ecologists Say Fire Suppression Efforts Left Century’s Worth Of Fuel For Rim Fire”
Associated Press (August 27)

“Hotshots, Linked by Fate: Fatal Wildfires Bear Similarities”
The Bend Bulletin (July 21)

“While Mourning 19 Dead, US Again Prepares to Ax Wildfire Prevention Funds”
NBC News (July 9)

“Firefighter Advocate Calls for Changes in Wildfire Strategy”
KARE11 news.com (July 1)

“Amid Wildfire’s Ashes, Some Criticisms Spring”
Las Vegas Review-Journal (July 1)

“Arizona Wildfire Kills 19 Firefighters”
Los Angeles Times (June 30)

“Experts Predict More Megafires in Summer 2013”
Outdoor Life Magazine (June 21)

“Fighting More Forest Fires Will Come Back to Burn Us”
OnEarth (June 19)

“U.S. Forest Service Struggles to Manage Wildfires After Sequestration”
The International (April 7)

“Forest Service Chief Says No Change in ‘Let Burn’ Policy for 2013”
Energy and Environment News Daily (March 13)

“Forest Service Policy Changes: Policy for Fighting Wildfires Reversed from 2012 Allowing Some to Burn”
Disaster News Network (March 12)

“Fire Suppression Flip-Flop”
High Country News (March 11)

“U.S. Forest Service Moves Away from Fire Policy”
FireEngineering.com (March 9)

“Forest Service May Let More Fires Burn”
Associated Press (March 8)

“Forest Service on Wildfires: Burn, Baby, Burn: The Agency Appears to Have Backed Off Its Controversial “Aggressive Initial Attack” Strategy for Wildfires”
Mother Jones (March 8)

“Forest Service Fire Policy Change May Let More Wildfires Burn Out Naturally”
Huffington Post (March 8)

“Forest Service Decides to ‘Let It Burn’”
Salon (March 8)

“Forest Service May Let More Fires Burn This Year After Coming in $400M Over Budget Last Year”
FOX News.com (March 8)

“U.S. Forest Service Adopts New (Old) Wildfire Policy”
KBOI2.com (Boise, ID) (March 8)

“Forest Service Appears to Shift Controversial — and Shortsighted — Firefighting Policy”
OnEarth (March 7)

“Forest Service Hits Reverse on Firefighting Policy”
Public News Service (March 6)

“Forest Service Letter Gives Vague Ideas About Fighting Wildfires”
NBC Montana.com (March 6)


“The Burning Issue: America’s War on Wildfire”
Radio Project documentary broadcast on KPFA and other NPR stations (Sept. 20)

“Report: ‘Extremely Unsafe’ Tactics At Blaze That Killed Firefighter”
Northwest News Network (broadcast on Public Radio stations in PacNW) (Aug. 20)

“Special Report: The Politics of Wildfires”
Mint Press (July 10)

“INLAND: Officials confident despite fewer wildland fire resources”
Riverside Press Enterprise (May 12)

“U.S. Forest Service’s plan to replace air tanker fleet draws criticism”
Redding Record-Searchlight (Feb. 14)


“A Burning Problem: Why good policies and good intentions won’t stop big, destructive wildfires”
High Country News (October)

“Burnin’ love: Monster wildfires have become the new normal”
Missoula Independent (June 21)

“California cancels Sacramento firm’s contract to provide firefighting planes”
Sacramento Bee (July 30)

“Cal Fire adapts to cuts; engines are reduced to 3 crew members”
Redding Record-Searchlight (July 19)

“Fire fight: Forest Service explores chemical retardant hazards”
High Country News (June)


“Massive 1910 Blazes Still Affecting Northern Rockies After 100 Years”
The Missoulian (August 21)

“Wildfires: Report Warns of Escalating Suppression Costs in Wildland-Urban Interface”
Environment and Energy News Daily (August 19)

“Forests: Drier, Hotter Conditions Place Prescribed Fire Projects Under Scrutiny”
Environment and Energy Daily (April 15)


“Climate: Scientists Prescribe Controlled Burns to Protect Forests, Curb Emissions”
Environment and Energy News Daily (December 1)

“Ecologists Decry Efforts to Douse Fire”
Redding Record-Searchlight (July 19)

“Debate Rages On Over Firefighting”
Trinity Journal (June 10)

“The Way Forward: There’s Little Agreement Among Policymakers on Solutions to Reducing Fire Risk”
Redding Record-Searchlight (May 17)

“Are Firefighting ‘Air Shows’ Effective?”
Redding Record-Searchlight (May 3)

“Fires Reignite Burnout Controversy”
Redding Record-Searchlight (May 1)

“Mission Impossible: Ecologists Agree that There is No Way to Win the War Against Wildfire”
Earth Island Journal (Winter)


“Is Fire Retardant Harmful?”
CBS News (national broadcast) (November 16)

“In Fighting Wildfires, Concerns About Chemicals”
New York Times (November 15)

“A Healing Flame: As Fire Season Subsides, Crews are Using Controlled Burns to Keep Forests Healthy–And to Prevent Catastrophic Blazes in the Future”
Bend Bulletin (October 19)

“New Method of Fighting Wildfires to Get Airing”
Billings Gazette (September 23)

“Fire in Idaho: Lessons from the 2007 Wildfires”
Northern Rockies Radio News Service, (September 3) (distributed through the Clear Channel News Network to 460 news talk shows across the country)

“As wildfires spread, so does the red ink”
Christian Science Monitor (August 27)

“Forest Service allows controlled burns in state again”
Sacramento Bee (August 22)

“Black Saturday’s lessons still debated. Response to this year’s blazes shows how policies spawned by the fires of ’88 have been disregarded – or carried out”
Idaho Statesman (August 20)

“Forest Management, Fire Prevention, and Climate Change”
KUOW-Seattle (August 18) (hour-long live radio interview with two FUSEE members)

“Worry Over Tactics Grows After Firefighter Deaths”
Associated Press (August 14)

“Smoky Skies Put Fire Crews in Wilderness. Critics Question Forester’s Decision to Suppress All Fires”
Medford Mail Tribune (August 14)

“Wildfire Contracting Costs Too High, Critics Say: Some People Question the Expenses, Quality of Training and Oversight of Private Fire Crews”
Portland Oregonian (August 12)

“‘Let It Burn’ Policy Banned for Fire Season”
Sacramento Bee (August 9)

“Critics Ask Whether Wildfire Needed to be Fought”
Portland Oregonian (August 9)

“Ban on California Fire Practice to ‘Let Burn’ Those That Pose No Threat Draws Criticism”
McClatchy News Service (August 8)

“How National Parks Manage Fire Risk. Blaze Near Yosemite, Mostly Under Control, Shows
Limits to the Parks’ ‘Let It Burn’ Policy”
Christian Science Monitor (August 4)

“Wildfire and Climate Change”
KBOO Radio (July30) (featured guest on 90 minute talk show)

“Air Tanker Drops in Wildfires Are Often Just For Show”
Los Angeles Time (July 29)

“Private Firefighters’ Role Growing in State”
San Francisco Chronicle (July 27)

“Yellowstone Fires 20 Years Later: Park Blazes Changed Attitudes”
Billings Gazette (July 5)

“Fire Retardant Effects and Alternatives”
KBOO Radio (April 12)

“Scorched Earth Policy”
Eugene Weekly (Mar. 13)

“Global Warming Ignites Wildfires”
USA Today (Society for the Advancement of Education) (March)

“Ancient Rings of Fire Don’t Bode Well for Inland Empire Wildfires”
Riverside Press-Enterprise (Jan. 31)


“The Fire This Time”
Time Magazine, Vol. 170, No. 19, pgs. 32-43 (Nov. 5)

“The San Diego Declaration on Climate Change and Fire Management”
KPFK-Los Angeles (Nov. 5) (half-hour live radio interview)

“The Burning Question. The California Inferno has Ignited the Long-Smoldering Debate Over Whether We have Brought Mother Nature’s Revenge Upon Ourselves”
Salon.com (Oct. 27)

“Firefighters Hesitating to Risk Lives for Homes Owners Haven’t Protected”
Associated Press / MSNBC.com (Oct. 2)

“New Fire Report Puts Blame on Slash Piles”
Tahoe Daily Tribune / Bonanza News Service (Aug. 29)

“Governor Declares Emergency: Large Idaho Fires Expected to Merge”
Associated Press (Aug. 21)

“This is what a Wildfire Looks Like”
Spokane Spokesman-Review (Aug. 21)

“Waialua Brushfire was ‘the Fire of the Future’: Ecological Disaster Feared Once Rains Hit Brushfire Area”
Honolulu Advertiser (Aug. 18)

“Slash and Burn: Climate Change + Commercial Logging = Big Fire”
Missoula Independent (Aug. 16)

“Officials Seek to Contain Wildfire Costs: After a Sharply Critical Federal Report on Efforts to Hold Down Expenses, Managers Begin to Alter Long-Used Strategies and Front-Line Practices”
Los Angeles Times (July 29)

“Angora Fire: Averting Another Disaster. Bi-State Panel to Draft Tahoe Fire Rules as Studies Stress More Home Safety Steps”
Sacramento Bee (July 25)

“Tahoe Fire Yields Lessons”
Christian Science Monitor (June 29)

“Climate and Homes Factors in Increasing Wildfire Deaths”
Associated Press (Feb. 18)

“Heating Up: Climate Change is Beginning to Catch the Eye of Fire Planners”
Wildland Firefighter Magazine (Jan.)


“Consider Fire Hazard of New Homes’ Sites”
Ontario Daily Bulletin (Nov. 29)

“Wildfire Threat is at Breaking Point, Officials Warn”
Newhouse News Service (Nov. 22)

“Scientists Fear climate change will hurt efforts to fight fires”
Associated Press (Nov. 13)

“Global Warming and Wildfires”
CNN National Broadcast (November 13)

“Let It Burn: The Battle Between Firefighting and Fire-Guiding”
L.A. Weekly (Sept. 20)

“Acreage Burned by Wildfires in 2006 Sets 45-Year High”
Associated Press (Sept. 13)

“Common Sense Touted as Best Way to Prevent Wildland Fires”
San Francisco Chronicle (July 12)

“Firefighters Battle Blazes with New Tools”
Christian Science Monitor (July 6)

“Forest Service Snubs Out Fire Plans”
Sacramento Bee (June 12)

“As Forest Officials Face Fire Season, Plans up in Smoke”
McClatchy News Service (June 11)

“Wildland Firefighters’ Group Seeks Defeat of Salvage Logging Bill”
Associated Press (May 10)


“A Burning Question: Forest Fires Leave Nothing but a Cold, Charred, Lifeless Expanse in Their Wake. Or Do They?”
National Parks Magazine (Summer)

“Fears of Wildfire Rise With the Heat”
Portland Oregonian (August 7)

“Fanning the Flames: Climate Change Stacks Odds Against Fire Suppression”
Pacific Northwest Research Station Science Findings (July)


“Jumbo Jet of a Firefighting Idea”
Seattle Times (December 29)

“U.S. Cuts Contracts on 33 Firefighting Planes”
Portland Oregonian (May 11)

“Forest Service Paints Blurry Picture”
Los Angeles Times (April 11) (also A.P., CNN, MSNBC)

“Colorado Wild Cites Abuses for Halt Order”
Durango Herald (February 22)

“Wildland Firefighting Focus Shifting: Ecologist Calls for Broader Job for Wildland Firefighters” Spokane Spokesman-Review and Associated Press (February 8)