General Accounting Office (GAO) Reports

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GAO Report to Congressional Requesters: Forest Service (Jan. 2008)

GAO Report to Congressional Requesters: Wildland Fire Management (Sept. 2007)

Wildland Fire Management: Lack of Clear Goals or a Strategy Hinders Federal Agencies' Efforts to Contain the Costs of Fighting Fires (June 2007)

Wildland Fire Management: Update on Federal Agency Efforts to Develop a Cohesive Strategy to Address Wildland Fire Threats (May 2006)

Wildfire Suppression: Funding Transfers Cause Project Cancellations and Delays, Strained Relationships, and Management Disruptions (June 2004)

Severe Wildland Fires: Leadership and Accountability Needed to Reduce Risks to Communities and Resources (Jan. 2002)

Western National Forests: Catastrophic Wildfires Threaten Resources and Communities (May 2006)

The National Fire Plan: Federal Agencies Are Not Organized To Effectively and Efficiently Implement the Plan (Jul. 2001)

Reducing Wildfire Threats: Funds Should be Targeted to the Highest Risk Areas (Sep. 2000)

Fire Management: Lessons Learned From the Cerro Grande (Los Alamos) Fire (Jul. 2000)

Federal Wildfire Activities: Current Strategy and Issues Needing Attention (Aug. 1999)

Western National Forests: Status of Forest Service's Efforts to Reduce Catastrophic Wildfire Threats (Jun. 1999)

Western National Forests: A Cohesive Strategy is Needed to Address Catastrophic Wildfire Threats (Apr. 1999)

Western National Forests: Nearby Communities are Increasingly Threatened by Catastrophic Wildfires (Feb. 1999)

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