Policy Analysis & Advocacy

FUSEE provides critical analysis of important fire-related policy proposals coming from Congress, the Administration, and agencies. Many fire management professionals feel disempowered and fear job reprisals from their employers if they publicly voice their concerns or criticisms about specific legislation or policy proposals. As an independent organization not affiliated with any government agency or private company, FUSEE occupies a unique niche and serves a vital role in the fire community because we are able to speak directly to policymakers and can publicly engage in policy debates in ways that many fire management employees feel they cannot. FUSEE thus provides an organizational means for firefighters and others to collectively advocate for safe, ethical, ecological fire management, and raise their collective voice when Congressional or the Administration’s policy proposals would undermine those goals. Below are some examples of the policy analyses and advocacy materials that we have produced over the years engaging in various policy debates affecting fire or forest management on public lands.