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Firefighters United for Safety, Ethics, and Ecology

Firefighters United for Safety, Ethics and Ecology (FUSEE) advocates an end to making “warfare” on wildfire. Instead of reactively fighting against fire, we support proactively working with fire to protect rural communities, preserve fire-dependent species, and restore fire-adapted ecosystems. By wisely using fire in a philosophy of Ecological Fire Management, we can maximize the social and ecological benefits of fire while mitigating firefighter risks, minimizing taxpayers costs, and avoiding suppression impacts on natural resources and ecosystems.

FUSEE members and supporters are current, former, and retired wildland firefighters, fire managers and scientists, fire educators and students, and other concerned citizens. Safe, ethical, ecological fire management is achievable when we stop the endless, unwinnable war against Nature’s fire and relearn to safely work and sustainably live with wildland fire.

Come join us and be a torchbearer for ecological fire management!

Fossil fuel infrastructure projects like the proposed Jordan Cove Fracked Gas Pipeline are a threat to firefighters, communities and forests. For more information about the proposed pipeline, take a peek at the story map below (just start scrolling):