Community Fire Preparedness

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Hard Facts About How Homes Burn: How to Save Your House and Your Life

Suggestions for Creating a "Safety Zone" for Use in a Wildfire

Dangerous Development: Wildfire and Rural Sprawl in the Sierra Nevada (Sierra Nevada Alliance, 2007) (external link)

Wildfire Costs Will Soar if Building Trends Continue (Headwaters Economics, 2007) (external link)

A Homeowner's Guide to Fire-Resistant Home Construction (FUSEE, 2006)

Is Your Home Protected From Wildfire Disaster? A Homeowner's Guide to Wildfire Retrofit

The Community Protection Zone: Defending Houses and Communities from the Threat of Forest Fire

Establishing Fire Prevention Education Cooperative Programs and Partnerships 

Oregon's Forestland-Urban Interface Fire Protection Act: Property Evaluation and Self-Certification Guide

Wildfire Protection and Tribal Needs Assessment - Program for Watershed and Community Health, University of Oregon - (February 10, 2005)

Research Papers by Jack Cohen

A Site-Specific Approach for Assessing the Fire Risk to Structures at the Wildland/Urban Interface (Jack Cohen)

Examination of the Home Destruction in Los Alamos Associated with the Cerro Grande Fire July 10, 2000 (Jack Cohen)

Modeling Potential Structure Ignitions from Flame Radiation Exposure with Implications for Wildland/Urban Interface Fire Management (Jack Cohen, Bret Butler)

Reducing the Wildland Fire Threat to Homes: Where and How Much? (Jack Cohen)

Structure Ignition Assessment Can Help Reduce Fire Damages in the W-UI (Jack Cohen, Jim Savelan)

Wildland-Urban FireundefinedA Different Approach (Jack Cohen)

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