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Getting Burned: A Taxpayer's Guide to Wildfire Suppression Costs

A Reporter's Guide to Wildland Fire (FUSEE, version 2007)

A Reporter's Guide to Wildland Fire Individual chapters:(Table of Contents)

Collateral Damage: The Environmental Effects of Firefighting: The 2002 Biscuit Fire Suppression Actions and Impacts

Fire Watch: A Citizen's Guide to Wildfire Monitoring

Smoke Signals: The Need for Public Tolerance and Regulatory Relief for Wildland Smoke Emissions

Testimony of Dr. Michael Medler, Firefighters United for Safety Ethics and Ecology for the Hearing on "Wildfires and the Climate Crisis" Before the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming (Nov. 1, 2007)

FUSEE Position Paper: Wildland Fire Use

Begging the Question: Appropriate Management Response as a Toolbox vs. Tautology: Integrating Safety, Ethical, and Ecological Sideboards into AMR (FUSEE)

Other Publications

Fuelbreaks for Wildland Fire Management: A Moat or a Drawbridge for Ecosystem Fire Restoration?

Wildland Fire Use in Roadless Areas: Restoring Ecosystems and Rewilding Landscapes

Fuel Reduction for Firefighter Safety

From Analysis Paralysis to Agency-Community Collaboration in Fuels Reduction for Fire Restoration: A Success Story

The San Diego Declaration on Climate Change and Fire Management

The Role of Fire in Managing Long-Term Carbon Stores: Key Challenges – Association for Fire Ecology Position Paper, Adopted December 3, 2009

Money to Burn: The Economics of Fire and Fuels Management

Salvaging Timber; Scuttling Forests: The Ecological Effects of Post-Fire Salvage Logging

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